Anti-racism policy

Updated: May 24, 2021

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The City of Richmond has over (76.3%) of Richmond’s population identified as a visible minority. Richmond RCMP released the data and hate crimes are up by 50%. That is only what was reported. Richmond should be leader in implementing anti-racism policies. Municipal governments, share responsibility and have an important role to play in combating racism and discrimination and advocating for equitable and just city for all citizens.

In a memo by the City of Richmond on March 15th, on Anti-racism initiatives, three things we mentioned. Posters, rainbow crosswalk, anti-bullying campaign. Posters are not enough we need action by City Council.

What Richmond can do:

· Collect and analyze race-based data to ensure all city services are being delivered fairly and without discrimination.

· Develop anti-racist policy and create an anti-racism committee. Mandatory anti-racism training for all municipal staff.

· Pass a motion to implement United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. (UNDRIP). Adopt Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action for cities.

· Join other Canadian cities to on the Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities. Cities including Burnaby, Vancouver, Victoria

· Create Anti-racism and Equity Advisory Committee, Anti-Racism Action Plan: Create Public Campaign: Day of Action Against Racism:, Internal Systems Change hiring senior Equity Lead as a key leadership position.

· Increase public statements are important because they publicly declare support, express intention, and express a position and should then result in action. Sign proclamations against anti-Asian racism.

· Richmond should pass a motion to collect disaggregated race-based and socio-demographic data. It is critical that the City of Richmond collects on disaggregated data as it will capture concepts of race, gender, income, ability, age, refugee or immigrant status, sexual orientation as this data is required to create intersectional frameworks and structural changes.

· Create a public campaign on how to be an active bystander when witnessing racist incidents.

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