COVID 19 Supports

Together, we need to address the ongoing challenges of this pandemic Richmond our city deserves a strong, progressive voice willing to tackle the problems facing our community head on and I plan to do just that. Lets Make a Difference Together.

COVID 19 Supports:

•Domestic violence has skyrocketed during this pandemic. Expanding services at Terra Nova House.

•Invest in further expansion in mental health support for youth and children and all Richmond residents.

•Support our non-profits who have been essential to all Richmond residents through this pandemic.

•Expanding the Fee Subsidy Programs from $300 to $500, activities, sports are needed now more than ever for mental health of everyone.

•Prioritizing childcare investments to limit the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on women in the workforce.

•Invest in technical competence and information literacy. With COVID- 19 everything was pushed to be online, but this is further left people behind. Access is a concern and so is the skills divide. We need to expand programs in literacy to help people out of poverty.

•Supporting businesses to operate safely through this pandemic by expanding opportunities for the use of temporary patio program and other outdoor spaces.

•Create job action plan, Richmond lost 17,550 jobs in 2020, and we need to help everyone affected and this requires immediate action on all levels.

•Affordable business property tax rates and reviewing them on a continuous basis with the ongoing pandemic.

•Supporting free transit to all seniors, and low-income households.

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