Election Day where to vote on May 29th!

Updated: May 29

This is it! It’s Election Day and the polls are open from 8am to 8pm. A vote is a small thing but it makes a big difference, especially in a by-election like this one. We need to build back from this pandemic better than before, and we need to make sure the recovery benefits all of us. Democracy begins at the community level, so please use your voice today!

You don't need a voters card to vote just one piece of ID. Please note that Richmond City Hall is NOT a voting place on General Voting Day.

8am to 8pm, you can vote at ANY polling station including:

Burnett Secondary School: 5011 Granville Avenue

Cambie Secondary School: 4151 Jacombs Road

Cook Elementary School: 8600 Cook Road

Hamilton Elementary School: 5180 Smith Drive

MacNeill Secondary School: 6611 No. 4 Road

McMath Secondary School: 4251 Garry Street

McNair Secondary School: 9500 No 4 Road

Richmond Secondary School: 7171 Minoru Boulevard

Steveston-London Secondary School: 6600 Williams Road

Talmey Elementary School: 9500 Kilby Drive

Let's make a difference together!

Karina Reid

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