Outdoor Dining Strategy for a Vibrant Richmond

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed almost everything in our city, but one thing that has not changed is the importance of our local businesses and how much they do for our economy and community. Restaurants have had to be very creative to try to survive and many have successfully opened temporary patios under Richmond’s Temporary Patio Program.

The is why the RITE Richmond team supports making the temporary patio program permanent, as they have been a huge success. Outdoor eating creates an inviting culture as well as an economic benefit. Many European cities have outdoor eating streetside or in plazas, and the result is a vibrant and bustling community.

Richmond’s Temporary Patio Program expires on October 31, 2021 and about 40 businesses have applied to the program. Let’s make this permanent. If anything, this pandemic has taught us all to think creatively and our public space has become a vital lifeline for our city and the residents of Richmond. Rebuilding from the pandemic must have a community-first approach.

“This is an immediate step that we can take on City Council to help improve the lives of many residents and small business owners. We have the opportunity to do things better, be more creative, and work together for the future we want in Richmond,” said Karina Reid, RITE candidate for Richmond City Council.

“Making the Temporary Patio Program permanent will have little impact on the City’s budget, but a huge impact for businesses and our community. It’s a win-win in my books!” Said Richmond City Councillor Carol Day.

RITE is looking forward to Karina Reid’s election to Council so creative and effective solutions can be adopted, which supports a vibrant and sustainable future for us all.

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