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Richmond Affordable Housing

Updated: May 26, 2021

Housing for all is key to an affordable, equitable and thriving city. We need a City Council that will take bold action to prioritize affordable housing and help to end Richmond’s increasing homelessness. I have a young family, I am a renter, and we need Richmond to be a city where people to stay, live, and build a future here.

Let's Make a Difference Together Working for you to build an affordable, inclusive, environmentally sustainable and prosperous city.

The housing crisis is complex and requires a collaborative and creative approach. I am a renter and live in a co-op, the first actionable item I would like to implement on Richmond City Council is a renter's advisory board, to ensure renters voices are heard. I will also advocate that new developments meet a definition of affordability that is aligned with local incomes and that an appropriate share of new affordable housing units are designed to support seniors. Richmond has the highest poverty rate for seniors in BC.

As of March 31, 2021, there were 1058 Richmond households waiting for affordable housing units managed by BC Housing of the households on the waitlist, almost half were seniors and a third were families. In 2020, the City of Richmond approved development applications for 3,853 housing units, including, 366 affordable housing units. That’s only 9% compared to the 53% Vancouver did.

The rental increase has dramatically changed in Richmond and we must invest in more affordable rental options, please on May 29th, VOTE Karina Reid for Richmond City Council

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