Election results, thank you Richmond!

Updated: May 31

Last nights election was not what I wanted but only losing by 328 is incredible for my first time running for Richmond City Council. Disappointing that only 10% of eligible voters cast their vote. Thank you to everyone that voted for me. My heart is so full by the incredible support I have received. I would like to thank the amazing team of volunteers who supported me. Your relentless work and dedication to building a more progressive city has been so inspiring.

Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word about the vision for change we need in Richmond, took a lawn sign, and donated. Having spoken to many of you over the course of this campaign, I am inspired that we can make Richmond a city where everyone feels they belong. I met so many voters that were voting for their first time. Many never felt their voice mattered before.

I won’t stop fighting either. I will continue with my letter writing to City Council and presenting on issues that matter. My top priority is to keep advocating to get an anti-racism policy created. Join me in the fight to make Richmond a more equitable, just, and sustainable city for everyone. This is just the beginning for me, onwards!

Congratulations to Andy Hobbs and for all the candidates that put their name forward.

Thank you,

Karina Reid

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