Thank you volunteers!

We are almost at the finish line! I would like to thank the incredible team of volunteers who supported me. We made distributed thousands of leaflets, several different car waving rallys, campaigned in a canoe on my bike and managed to connect with as many voters as we possibly could, despite all the challenges of campaigning during a pandemic. A special thank you to Carol Day, David Yang you both have not stopped for one second! I am so grateful to my incredible husband and my two kids, for holding me up always. I am also so grateful to my brother and brother-in law in Mexico who have helped with websites, tech support you name it!

Huge shot out to UNITE HERE 40. You have gone above and beyond in support in marketing for me! Thank you to all of the incredible unions who have endorsed me, Thank you to Richmond Public Schools Employees' Union, CUPE Local 716, B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union (BCGEU), Local 718, City of Richmond Cupe 394, City of Richmond Vancouver District Labour Council for your endorsements! I am blown away by the support. I am blown away by the support.

Pat and you Pan are sign masters. Thank you!!

Kelly, Aman, Henry, Michael thank you for your support and encouragement!

My incredible brother-in law put together this video over the last few months on the campaign trail!

My mom is a great inspiration to me, Laura Acton instilled civic engagement in me at an early age. She served 11 years in local government both as a School Trustee and a City of Victoria Councillor and ran for mayor and ran NDP federal nomination.

So, here we are tomorrow is election day. Let’s do this! VOTE, me over that finish line!

Thank you,

Karina Reid

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