Why I am running for Richmond City Council

Updated: May 6, 2021

I decided to run for City Council now as this pandemic has highlighted that Richmond is at a turning point, and we need to decide what kind of city and community we want to build. The impact of this virus will be with us long after a vaccine. We will feel the social, economic, and environmental repercussions for years to come. My career background is in hospitality and tourism which includes over twenty years working in the hotel industry in Toronto and Vancouver. Working closely with the Vancouver and Toronto convention and visitors’ bureaus I worked in a collaborative team as a dedicated sales professional in order to help bring large city-wide and self-contained business to both cities.

I have been a passionate and relentless advocate and I want to take my advocacy to the next level, as a member of Richmond City Council.COVID-19 has been highlighting the way pandemics disproportionately and unevenly impact different marginalized populations. In March 2020 I began a group called Coming Together Richmond. I started this group when the lockdown began for COVID-19 and Richmond Food Banks began closing. Currently Coming Together Richmond deliveries forty baskets to Richmond Food Bank clients each week and several outreach opportunities with community partners..

Focusing on Affordable Housing, Inclusive City, Environmentally Sustainable and Thriving City. Businesses are the essential of Richmond’s economy and we must ensure that these businesses are able to make it through this pandemic. That means responsible fiscal management, strong environmental policies, and innovation in helping businesses. We need to ensure affordable business property tax rates and reviewing them in light of the pandemic.

As much as we are in this together, we simply are not, many people are struggling on so many different levels. We need to “come together” in a community approach to a recovery plan. I want to make a difference together, ensuring all community voices are heard.

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